A new council


Well done to all Unions Auckland endorsed candidates. Congratulations to those 70 elected representatives including 7 elected councillors. We look forward to living in a pro-union, living wage city for the next three years.

Councillors 7/15

Waitemata DHB 2/2
Auckland DHB 2/7
Manukau DHB 3/5

Hibiscus & Bays (East Coast Bays) 0/2
Upper Harbour 0/1
Devonport-Takapuna 3/4
Kaipatiki 8/8 (10 endorsed candidates)
Waitakere Ranges 6/6
Henderson Massey 3/8 (9 endorsed candidates)
Whau 5/6
Waitemata 5/7
Waiheke 5/5
Otara-Papatoetoe (Papatoetoe) 1/4
Manurewa 0/8
Papakura 0/6
Orakei 0/1
Howick (Botany) 0/1
Maungakiekie-Tamaki (Tamaki) 4/4
Mangere-Otahuhu 7/7 (11 endorsed candidates)
Albert-Eden (Maungawhau) 1/4
Albert-Eden (Owairaka) 4/4
Puketapapa 4/6
Total 70/121

Councillors and Local Boards – Endorsed List


Albert-Eden-Roskill - Cathy Casey, Peter Haynes

Albany - Wayne Walker, John Watson

North Shore - Grant Gillon, Ann Hartley

Waitakere - Penny Hulse Christine Rose

Whau - Ross Clow

Waitemata & Gulf - Mike Lee

Maungakiekie-Tamaki - Richard Northey

Manukau - Alf Filipaina, Ava Tunumafono

Manurewa–Papakura - Colleen Brown, Peter Goldsmith



Hibiscus & Bays (Hibiscus Coast)
John Watson

Hibiscus & Bays 
(East Coast Bays)
Chris Bettany
Teresa Moore

Upper Harbour
Nicholas Mayne

Grant Gillon
John Gillon
Danielle Grant
Ann Hartley
Richard Hills
Kay McIntyre
Lorene Pigg
Ben Rogers
Gary Thornton
Lindsay Waugh

Mike Cohen
Grant Gillon
Jan O’Connor
Anthony Wareham

Waitakere Ranges
Sandra Coney
Neil Henderson
Greg Presland
Steve Tollestrup
Saffron Toms
Denise Yates

Henderson Massey
Cheryl Brown
Elizabeth Chalmers
Jesse Chalmers
Russell Clark
Chris Cooper
Will Flavell
Shane Henderson
Gary Stewart
Anne Degia Pala

Ami Chand
Ross Clow
Catherine Farmer
Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel
Simon Matafai
Susan Zhu
Hagen Robertson

Shale Chambers
Pippa Coom
Christopher Dempsey
Russell Hoban
Tricia Reade
Vernon Tava
Deborah Yates

Becs Ballard
Shirin Brown
John Meeuwsen
Beatle Treadwell
Paul Wadden

Efeso Collins
Lotu Fuli
Mary Gush
Ian HeiHei

Sina Aiolupotea-Aiono
Ashraf Choudhary
Alistaire Hall
Ross Robertson

Elizabeth Barrowman
Lillian Cattell
Judi Goldsworthy
Toa Greening
Michael Joy
Jane Logan
Barney Manaia
Ezekial Robson

Felicity Auva’a
Nicky Hayhow
Hine Joyce-Tahere
Jill Ovens
Len Richards
John Robinson

Dorthe Siggard

Howick (Botany)
Neelam Choudary

Josephine Bartley
Chris Makoare
Obed Unasa
Alan Verrall

Nick Bakulich
Carol Elliot
Kayla Filimoehala
Roger Fowler
Tafafunia Lauese
Christine O’Brien
James Papaili
Leau Peter Skelton
Lydia Sosene
Walter Togiamua
Joe Trinder

Albert-Eden (Maugawhau)
Rohan Evans
Peter Haynes
Lisa Loveday
Godfrey Rudolph

Graeme Easte
Glenda Fryer
Margi Watson
Helga Arlington

Harry Doig
Julie Fairey
David Holm
Garth Houltham
Shail Kaushal
Michael Wood

Auckland DHB
Jo Agnew
Jeanette Elley
Helen Gaeta
Will ‘llohia
Brent Morrissey
Robyn Northey
Lesley Whyte

Counties Manukau 
Apulu Reece Autagavaia
Colleen Brown
Kathy Maxwell
Ezekiel Robson
Amelia Schaaf

Waitemata DHB
Pat Booth
Sandra Coney

What we stand for

969431_506470372776707_363725307_nAuckland Council Elections – Voting Ballots out now

The unions in Auckland have been lobbying candidates on three policies:

Protect the Assets

No privatisation of our Council Assets – more democratic control

 A Living Wage

Support decent wages for Aucklanders – start with Council workers

 Sort the Ports

Council owns the port and must negotiate a fair deal with Port workers

We want union members to vote in the Auckland Elections. Postal Ballots have been sent to voters’ homes today.

Unions have 150,000 members in Auckland. If most of us voted for the same candidates, they will win!

You are asked to vote for a mayor, city councillors, local boards and hospital boards. With so many candidates to choose from, most of us are unsure who to vote for.

Unions Auckland – the group of CTU unions in Auckland  - have studied candidates and their policies and compiled a list of recommendations.

But whoever you support, it’s important to vote. The sooner, the better.

Please vote and post your ballot back before 10 October.

  • If you haven’t received a ballot by Wednesday – phone 0800 922 822
  • If you aren’t enrolled you can still register and vote – phone 0800 367 656